Contraceptive Monitors For Hormone Free Birth Control

Cyclotest 2 Plus

simple fertility tracking

  • Basic Is Beautiful. Classic Fertility Monitor With Proven Reliability.
  • Automatically Calculates The Fertile & Infertile Phases In Your Cycle.
  • It's Not Complicated! Simple Graphics and Liner Display Indicating Your Fertile Window.
  • Reliability Up'd To 99% With The Click Of A Button
  • Be Green. Save Green. Most Economical Monitor On The Market.

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Cyclotest myWay

fertility monitor

  • Same Proven Cyclotest Reliability With Enhanced Touchscreen Interface
  • MyPlan Additional Features For Even Deeper Understanding Of Your Cycle. Skin Care Indications, BMI Index, Sexual Actively Tracker & More.
  • Option Of Alarm Clock + LED Lit Thermometer Reminding You To Take Your Temperature
  • See Everyday On Display. Daily Info Screen, Calendar View, Cycle History, And Color Coded Graphs

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